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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of material and dyes do you use for your hand-dyed fabrics?

I use 100% cotton muslin that is 45-46" wide and manufactured in the USA.  I use Procion dyes that are fiber-reactive.  This means that the dye bonds with the molecules in the fabric to become permanent.  I am currently selling seven kinds of silks, and two kinds of wool textiles.  Go to Hand Dyed Silks for details.

Do the fabrics need any special kind of care?

As with any fabric to be used as clothing or quilts, be sure to PREWASH in mild detergents like Synthropol or dish soap, NOT detergents with bleach! Prewashing removes any excess dye that might be left in the fabric and will prevent bleeding.

If I need to reorder more fabric, will I be guaranteed a perfect match?

Since these fabrics are made by hand in small quantities, there will be numerous dye lots each month.  I make every effort to stay true to each of my dye recipes but there will be variations in each piece regardless of dye lot.  When you order, please order enough for the project.

What if I need to return an order?

I want you to be happy with my work and if that means a return is necessary we will work together to get what you want.  Fabrics must be returned uncut or unsoiled to be replaced with another fabric choice.  Fine Art cannot be returned.

Please use my Information Request Form if your question was not represented here.