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Marjie McWilliams

Fabric Designs.com started in 1999, but my passion for dyeing fabric began in 1969 at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Beginning with the process of batik on cotton and then expanding to silk with gutta resist techniques and then branching out even farther to wool and natural dyes, I do it all and I love it all.

Orders for my hand dyed fibers have been delivered to all 7 continents! Yes, I do mean Antarctica!

I dye all of my products in my home studio in Woodland, California. Everything you order has my hands all over it and my heart on it as well. This is my passion as well as my business.

Many people ask me how I started Fabric Designs and if I have any advice for them in starting their own small business. Here’s what I say- “ Start small and see where it goes. Take risks. When you make mistakes, LEARN from them rather than be defeated by them. Take chances. Be willing to put yourself out there again and again and work HARD. Most of all-trust God. When God blesses you with a passion, you must use it. Go for it. Take the leap. Be willing to press through the hard times. Fear not. Go forward."

I love people. I love life. I love to share the passion and joy of fabric designing with others.

Thank you for visiting my web site.